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The Fastest Way To Install WordPress

I just started a new website on my HostGator Account using the WordPress Quick Install option.

With this Quick Install starting with WordPress is even faster and less complicated than ever:

Choose your Domain, fill in your Email address, Name of the Site (Blog Title), First Name and Last Name and off you go...

Within a few minutes your site is installed and the Login data is mailed to you.

Of course this is just the basic installation and you now need to work on it, but it's a

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WordPress Hosting Review

For your WordPress website installation you need some kind of web-hosting and a domain name (if you don't have one already).

Choose your WordPress Hosting with care, you need fast and reliable hosting with adequate space and bandwidth resources and not to expensive :-).
WordPress hosting is not for every web hosting service out there. WordPress requires high standards from the web hosting provider.

I have several sites running with different providers so I can give you a real live

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Blogspot Bloggen and Windows Live Writer

This is the first post with Windows Live Writer to the website that is the CMS / Blog services underneath

Windows Live Writer is a great tool to blog richt out of your Desktop and the best part is that its a Free Blog Tool from Microsoft.

Live Writer is part of Live Essentials 2011 wich has other great software included.

To start blogging with Live Writer, just install it, add a new account and select Other blog service.


Fill in the form your URL, your user ID (for that is your gemail account) and password. For your convience you can check Save Password.

Connect and start writing!

Joomla! Gallery and Images Information - A Multimedia Book

I received a review copy of Joomla! 1.5 Multimediafrom Packt Publishers and was expecting to read a lot that I already know about Images and the image manager in Joomla!.

But instead it was an eye-opener about the possibilities that Joomla! and some special extensions gives you to create a complete multimedia experience for your visitors.

This book is a great addition to your search engine optimisation efforts as we all now that video, mp3, podcast en mobile web interfaces are becoming more important everyday.

Joomla! 1.5 Multimedia will have some information for you that you can skip through if you are building Joomla! websites for a longer period of time, but the main part of the book will help you to further improve your and your customers websites.

I am not going the repeat the complete list of chapters of this book, you can follow the link above to get a better content listing than I can do... what I will tell you which chapters captured my special interest:

  • Chapter 3: Text, Characters and Fonts: This shows you some good information on how to improve accessibility and still play with fonts in your design.

  • Chapter 5: Using Audio: How to setup podcasts and the handling of mp3s which is very good in combination with normal blogging.

  • Chapter 6: Using video: Of course information about Video including a few extensions that will aid you in your efforts to use video in Joomla!

  • Chapter 7: Collaboration with external resources: You don't need to produce all the videos yourself, you can also pull from other resources and this chapter shows some very neat information about how to do that the right way.

Chapter 8 about templates is also good, but for me personally not that interesting, Chapter 9 gives you a complete step-by-step overview of the building of a Multi Media Joomla! based website and can be a great help if you start out to implement the other ideas that come from this well written book.

Don't take my word on it, check out this sample Chapter 4 from the book: Adding and Managing Image Content.

For my, this book will stay on my desk for a longer period of time as I am going to use a lot of information from it :-), thank you Allen Walker and Packt Publishing for this great new book.